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Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site, Inglis, Manitoba

Frank Skinner Arboretum Trail


Frank Leith Skinner was one of Canada’s most innovative horticulturists and plant propagators. He resided near Dropmore, Manitoba, where his farm served as the natural laboratory for breeding new strains of plants capable of surviving the harsh prairie climate. Although he was isolated from other breeders, Dr. Skinner’s rugged independence,… » more

Gordon Orr Museum - Binscarth Museum


Mr. Gordon Orr purchased a building in Binscarth and moved his artifacts into it making a small display.  In 1983, a second larger building was purchased—the former North American Lumber Yard—and his artifacts were relocated.  Since then many community members have donated antiques.  In 1991, with the passing of Gordon… » more

Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site


The Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site was officially recognized in 1996 as a unique and enduring architectural symbol, representing one of the most important periods in the development of Canada’s grain industry from 1900 to 1930. Thousands of these wooden grain elevators dotted the Prairies at the height of… » more

Keystone Pioneer Museum


Keystone Pioneers Museum features pioneer agricultural artifacts, a large collection of old machinery, a log cabin used by forest rangers in Duck Mountain, Makaroff Church built in 1910, a working sawmill, Roblin Hospital artifacts building and more. The Artifacts Building houses various theme rooms including;  general store, school, Boston café,… » more

Knox United Church


Knox United Church was built in 1911 as a Presbyterian Church at a cost of $10,000, with $8,000 borrowed at an interest rate of 5½%.  In the 1920s the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches joined to become the United Church of Canada. The church building is made of brick, but due… » more

Memorial Avenue Cenotaph


The Cenotaph was unveiled on June 22, 1922, in the presence of approximately 2,000 people from the surrounding district.  The monument was erected in memory of those from the Town of Russell, Village of Binscarth and the Rural Municipalities of Boulton, Russell, Silver Creek and Shellmouth who laid down their… » more

Millwood Bridge


Millwood was founded with the arrival of the railroad in 1885-86.  It was surveyed for two hundred lots and was planned as a divisional point for the railway.  At this time, there was a store, two hotels, a meat market and a livery barn.  However, the railroad changed its plans… » more

Pyotts West Campground


Family run campground with fishing, a public beach and general store. Annual music festival held in August. Open May- September. » more

Riding Mountain National Park of Canada

Riding Mountain National Park

An island of wilderness nestled in the heart of the prairies awaits you in Riding Mountain National Park. Your first encounter with the park is bound to be love at first sight. The beautiful, quaint townsite of Wasagaming unfolds in front of you. It’s big in charm and rich in… » more

Shellmouth Swing Bridge


Shellmouth was settled in the early 1880s and by 1885 it was already a thriving community with a large sawmill, a four-storey hotel, a large stone livery barn, three stores, two blacksmith shops and a population of 118.  During the floods of  the 1880s, steamboats navigated the Assiniboine River. In… » more
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