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Things to See

Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site, Inglis, Manitoba

Angusville Heritage Hall


The Ukrainian People’s Home of Ivan Franco is a Provincial Heritage site constructed in 1934 by members of the Ukrainian community of Angusville and surrounding area.  The building is adorned with three domes or “banyas” of a type more typically seen in Ukrainian Church architecture.  This is the only hall… » more

Arthur the Bull


This Town of Russell mascot has watched over the Yellowhead Highway for over 30 years. Arthur is named for Art Kinney, one of the founding members of the  Russell Beef & Barley Festival. Art also served as the mayor of Russell from 1975-1980 and was a founding member of the… » more

Asessippi Provincial Park


Located at the southeastern end of the man-made Lake of the Prairies, Asessippi Provincial Park includes facilities for camping, trails for hiking and snowmobiling, boating, swimming and watersports on the lake and some of the best walleye fishing in North America. Nearby attractions Both the Assiniboine and Shell Rivers provide… » more

Asessippi Village Self-Guided Trail


Some 50 Ontario homesteaders called this place home. Here visitors can look down into the winding Shell River valley at one of the earliest settlements in the Parkland region. Stroll through the west side of the village and read the nine on-site interpretive signs along the way that describe some… » more

Beth Naylor Historic Clothing Collection


The Beth Naylor Historic Clothing Collection opens a window to the past and into the lives of the people who lived there. It is a history that visitors will be able to relate to on a personal level—brought to life through authentic period clothing and accessories. Miss Naylor began collecting… » more

Boulton Manor


This important Russell house, located at 322 Memorial Avenue, was built in 1894 for Major and Mrs. Charles A. Boulton. Major Boulton was a soldier, settler and senator and one of the founders of the Town of Russell and Village of Shellmouth. He was a notable character opposed to Louis… » more

Crocus Trail


The Crocus Trail measures 136 km / 85 miles and runs from the Saskatchewan border to Russell. This most westerly section of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba at Madge Lake, near the Saskatchewan border and runs south through the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest to the Village of San Clara… » more

Downtown Russell


Through the efforts and vision of Russell’s Main Street Revitalization committee, the face of Main Street in Russell continues to evolve into an inviting space for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.  The majority of the work to the streetscape was completed in 2011.  The wooden arches and sidewalk… » more

Dr. Barnardo Home


For thousands of Londoners and their descendants, Dr. Barnardo is a well-known name.  Homeless children from the streets of London were taken in and later sent to Homes in Canada.  While a hero to some, the stories of the children who were touched by his organizations had mixed outcomes. The… » more

Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Forest


Beautifully clear, spring-fed lakes have made “The Ducks” a popular tourist destination for years. Childs Lake, Wellman Lake, Singush Lake and the Blue Lakes are among the most popular. The bottom of East Blue Lake, which descends to 60 m (196 feet) at its deepest, is visible to some 12… » more
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