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Historic Sites

Smellie Block, Russell, Manitoba

Millwood Bridge


Millwood was founded with the arrival of the railroad in 1885-86.  It was surveyed for two hundred lots and was planned as a divisional point for the railway.  At this time, there was a store, two hotels, a meat market and a livery barn.  However, the railroad changed its plans… » more

Paulencu Pioneer House


The Paulencu Pioneer House is the only known surviving farm house of Romanian design in Manitoba.  It was built in 1906 by one of the first settlers of the area and modeled after the style of houses in the Carpathian Region of Bucovina.  It is of basic design, including a… » more

Shellmouth Swing Bridge


Shellmouth was settled in the early 1880s and by 1885 it was already a thriving community with a large sawmill, a four-storey hotel, a large stone livery barn, three stores, two blacksmith shops and a population of 118.  During the floods of  the 1880s, steamboats navigated the Assiniboine River. In… » more

Shellmouth United Church


The Shellmouth Presbyterian Church was officially opened on June 25, 1905, about a year after the decision was made to construct i. Before that, as was common throughout pioneer areas of Manitoba, people of various faiths gathered together in homes and for several years in the local school to worship.… » more

Smellie Block


The Smellie Block is one of Russell’s historic main street buildings. It was once the headquarters for the Smellie Family Creamery and Mercantile, and the main store and distribution center for the network of rural stores. » more

St. Elijah Romanian Orthodox Church Museum


St. Elijah Romanian Orthodox Church is located in the Lennard community north of Inglis. This parish is unique in that it was established by Romanian immigrants from the Carpathian Region more than one hundred years ago and was the only rural Romanian settlement in Manitoba. The church was built in… » more

St. Madeline's


St. Madeline’s Métis settlement was referred to as a “community without a town”.  The site consists of a cemetery and grounds to hold the Métis Days Celebration that the Métis who live near St. Madeline’s host each year. » more

The Red House


The residence at 312 Pelly Avenue,  built in 1888 by William Barrett Lennard, is the oldest home still standing in Russell.  William’s daughter, Georgina, married  Major D’Arcy-Everett Boulton, the son of Major Charles Boulton. In 1994 while renovating, the current owners found an old flour sack in the walls stuffed… » more
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