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Hunting - Geese taking flight

Geese & Ducks

Asessippi Parkland is in the heart of two very important waterfowl regions—the Central Flyway and the Prairie Potholes. This creates an abundance of many different waterfowl including Mallards, Blue Winged Teals, Canvasbacks, Redheads, American Widgeons, Northern Shovelers, Lesser Canada Geese, Greater Canada Geese, Giant Canada Geese, Great Canada Geese and Snow Geese. This makes for a grain farmer’s nightmare, but a waterfowl hunter’s dream.


Agricultural land in the central Manitoba region surrounding Riding Mountain National Park is a top producer of Boone & Crockett record book quality non-typical and typical trophy bucks. High scoring racks along with dark, heavy antlered mass and body weights are positive reasons for hunters to return year after year.

Moose & Elk

Moose and elk are available in the region and licences are awarded on a draw basis.Please contact Manitoba Conservation at
1-800-214-6497 for details.

Black Bear

Rich supplies of seeded cereal and oat crops for forage and abundant wild berry crops create an ideal feeding habitat for the black bear.  It is not unusual to find a bear that weighs in the 225–500 lb range.

Manitoba Conservation
General Inquiry Line
Toll free 1-800-214-6497
In Winnipeg 945-6784

Turn In Poachers


All hunters must have permission from land owners to hunt on private property.