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Fishing from shore in the Asessippi Parkland Region of Manitoba

The Asessippi Parkland is stocked with a variety of fish. From world class fly fishing to the best drive-to walleye fishery the country has to offer, it’s all here.

Spear Lake

Spear Lake is located only 4.8 km (3 miles) north of Russell on PTH83. This quiet little reservoir is stocked with brown and rainbow trout. The lake has a three (3) trout limit. No motorized boats are permitted, but paddle or electric motors are welcome.

Lake of the Prairies

Lake of the Prairies is a man-made reservoir created behind the Shellmouth Dam. The lake experiences excellent walleye, perch, northern pike fishing and carp; this abundance of fish is all due to the superior lake management it has received since its start in 1971. Both the Assiniboine and Shell River feed into the lake, and the Assiniboine River flows south from the dam. There are several boat launches available.  Please check your fishing regulations for slot limits and hook regulations for this lake.

The Lions Prairie Classic is one of the most exciting catch-and-release walleye tournaments in the country and is limited to 105 teams. The two-day tournament is held on the second weekend in June. Total prizes and merchandise payout are in excess of $50,000. The derby is kicked off with the Fisherman’s Boat Parade down Main Street, Russell at 5:00 pm on the Friday of tournament weekend. Spectators are encouraged to attend the spectacular early morning takeoffs and weigh-ins on both Saturday and Sunday at the lake.  For more information check out the website at

The annual Lake of the Prairies Ice Fishing Derby is held the last Saturday of February. 2016 will mark the 7th Annual Derby. First prize is $12,500 and there is over $20,000 in cash plus merchandise prizes. The ice is groomed and holes are pre-drilled. For more information, call 1‑877‑979‑7232.

Both camping and cabin rentals are available at Lake of the Prairies. See accommodations page 64 for details.

East Goose Lake

Located in Roblin, 30 minutes north of Russell on PTH83.

Silver Beach

Plenty of northern pike call this lake home. From Russell head east on PTH45 to Angusville. Turn north on PR476, then east on PR264. Camping is available.

Deep Lake

There are still a few brook trout to be found but the focus is to return the lake to a northern pike / perch fishery. From Russell head east on PTH45 to Angusville. Turn north on PR476, then east on PR264 past Silver Beach. Turn north at the Deep Lake sign. Deep Lake is located within Riding National Park, therefore all vehicles must have a National Park Pass and anglers must have a National Park Fishing Licence. Park passes and licences are available by calling the Park at 204‑848‑7275.

Arrow Lake

This walleye and northern pike fishery is located within the Arrow Lake cottage development. Head east on PTH45 to Oakburn, turn north on PR577, and the follow the signs. The lake is located east of the highway.

Seech Lake

Camping is available. From Russell, head east on PTH45 to Oakburn, turn north on PR577, the the east again on PR566.

Tokaryk Lake

This trout fishery has been a hotspot for fly fishermen. From Russell, head east on PTH45, then turn north on PR566.

Twin Lake

Twin Lake has Tiger trout, a hi-bred species produced from the female brown trout (eggs) and the male brook trout (milt). Anglers come from across Canada and the United States to fish for these trout. Twin Lake is located just off PTH83 near Duck Mountain Provincial Forest.